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Oracle Rules Gil Thomas' and Maccabeus Epimanes' work on high-level Sphere rules...Finally! UNDER REVISION!! Shortly to be modified for Mage Revised...
Babylon The Mystery of Babylon, the Umbral Realm of Corrupt Commerce
Diet and the Mage Food is as much a subject of and tool for magick as anything else...
Alternate Avatar Theories Not everyone believes in reincarnation--especially not the Technocracy. Here are some alternative ideas on how the Avatar works.
The Avatar Winds (and how to sneak past them) The long-awaited next update--a finally-completed article on how Umbral geography can help you slip past the Avatar Winds (if you're willing to put up with a stiff price).
God's Got an Army On dealing with fundamentalists and fundamentalisms in the World of Darkness (not quite complete, but I'm putting it up anyway--it's the Borg Queen's first article).
Coming Soon!

On True Forms: Progress is very slow, but it's coming...sorry

Oracle Rules Revised

Other Mage Pages

B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness: The Ultimate World of Darkness Page

Anders' Mage Page: The biggest Mage Page I've seen anywhere online

Blake's Home Sector: a quiet little sector with some nifty stuff and the home of Maccabeus' arch-enemy (sorta)

Consty's Page, aka the Mage Hub: Includes lots of goodies, including an alternate world Maccabeus created.

Question Reality (Destin/Seavee's Page): A mirror chat and portal for the WW site, and a lot of interesting Ecstatic stuff.

All references to the RPG Mage: The Ascension are Copyright 1999 White Wolf, as per Syndicate protocol.

All references to the Borg refer to the property of United Paramount Studios and are not intended as a challenge to copyright, but merely for the purposes of humor. Please don't sue me!

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