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Modified Human--Extra Parts
Biological Exposure

Fighting: Excellent   Charisma: Typical         Reason: Excellent
Agility: Excellent    Manipulation: Remarkable  Perception: Remarkable
Strength: Good        Appearance: Incredible    Wits: Good
Endurance: Good       Resources: Good           Psyche: Excellent

Health: 48            Popularity: 75            Karma: 66

Elemental Allergy: Incapacitation: Limited Duration after Contact

Lung Adaptability: Good          Engineering: Typical
Phasing: Good                    Genetics: Poor
True Flight: Excellent           Wrestling: Typical
Body Resistance: Amazing         Sleight of Hand: Typical
Self-Sustenance: Incredible      Martial Arts D: Poor
Vocal Control: Poor              Archaeology: Typical

7 Contacts

Hartleman Bioengineering
Harry Grant (Martial Arts Instructor)
Dr. Benjamin Rutherford (Biology Professor)

Normal Human

Fighting: Typical     Charisma: Typical        Reason: Good
Agility: Typical      Manipulation: Excellent  Perception: Feeble
Strength: Typical     Appearance: Typical      Wits: Typical
Endurance: Typical    Resources: Remarkable    Psyche: Typical

Health: 15            Popularity: 52           Karma: 19

Energy Allergy: Power Negation: Limited Duration after Contact

Kinetic Bolt: Good         Thrown Objects: Typical
Danger Sense: Typical
Regeneration: Poor         Mace Biolabs

Mechanically Augmented Cyborg
Technical Procedure

Fighting: Good      Charisma: Good       Reason: Remarkable
Agility: Typical    Manipulation: Good   Perception: Excellent
Strength: Good      Appearance: Typical  Wits: Poor
Endurance: Typical  Resources: Good      Psyche: Typical

Health: 26          Popularity: 29       Karma: 50

Psychological Weakness: Power Negation: Limited Duration with Contact

Power Creation: Good        Detective/Espionage: Excellent
Heat: Good                  Criminology: Good
Growth: Good                Archaeology: Typical     Jack Harroway (Enforcer)
Enlargement: Excellent      Acrobatics: Typical      Commissioner Rudolph
Hyper-Running: Excellent                             Tactronics Inc.
Body Resistance: Good
Thermal Control: Good