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Oracle-level 'ranges'

As Oracle-level magickal effects don't deal with one specific correspondence point, a new system of 'range' must be defined. As the Correspondence Oracle now deals with 'space' in terms of entire correspondence points, the 'illusion' of 3d space is no longer relevant. As such, the mage can automatically be assumed to be able to 'reach' any aspect of any correspondence point she has access to. The previous Correspondence Range chart is only to be used for pre-oracle level magick, with the new chart (see below) being used for Oracle-level magick.

Using the mage's current correspondence point as a frame of reference, each 'level' traversed using the table below indicates moving to either a point defined within the current point, or to the point in which the current point is defined. (Note that a point CAN be defined in more than one point. For example, as you move 'up', away from the Earth, you start to move into the earth's Horizon Realm. From the Horizon Realm, there's the Near Umbra, or the Deep Umbra, or any number of Horizon Realms. The earth is defined within the Near Umbra's point, and the Near Umbra's point is defined within the Earth's point. As you move away from the physical, correspondence become less and less defined in terms of 3D space, and correspondence relationships between and inside point becomes more abstract). Note that more than one object can be defined 'within' a given correspondence point. Two Life patterns can exist inside the Earth's correspondence point, and have correspondence to each other. If you were to be defined within one of those life patterns' points, and wished to be defined in terms of the other's point, you could either shift first to the Earth's point, then to the other's points (a total of two 'levels'), or you could perform one correspondence 'sidestep', in which the mage directly bridges between two points defined within the same point, but have no internal correspondence to one another. Also, if a mage wished to perform a Correspondence effect on more than one point, all points the mage wishes to effect must be reached with the total number of range 'level's or 'sidesteps'. IE a mage wishes to effect a their current correspondence point, a point defined within their current point, and a point one 'sidestep' away. They need a minimum of 4 successes, 3 of which translate into one 'sidestep', and the last one representing a recursive 'level' (The current point is automatically 'reached).

Oracle-level Correspondence 'range' chart.

1 success - 1 'level'
2 successes - 2 'levels'
3 successes - 3 'levels' or 1 'sidestep'
4 successes - 4 'levels' or 2 'sidesteps'
+1 success - +1 level or +1 sidestep.

Final note

The observant reader will have probably noticed that I didn't make any attempt to define the actual manifestation of reality in terms of correspondence - there is no 'map' of reality anywhere in this document, nor will there ever be. Primarily this is because I feel it is best for the individual Storyteller to define this themselves. Each Chronicle has its own little view of the Cosmology of the Tellurian, if at all. The basics are pretty straightforward - The earth and the Near Umbra are 'connected', both are 'surrounded' by the Horizon in an shell-type of arrangement, outside of that is the Deep Umbra and all the Realms therein (Arcadia, the Celestines, etc..) Beyond that, any number of arrangements are possible.